Monday, March 14, 2011

Under the influence

Saturday I had my first full-blown allergy attack of spring. It's simultaneously awesome and horrible. Awesome that spring is here, horrible that my head might explode. I end up sneezing and sneezing and sneezing over and over again until people start turning around to look at the incredible sneezing girl like I'm a side show offering at a three ringed circus.

I made it through the day, but at 3 am on Sunday morning I'd had enough. I finally caved at took a Benedryl. The split second before that sweet little pink and white capsule passed my lips I thought, "this might make getting to church on time a challenge..."

And it did.

The ear doctor attempted to wake me up at 9:45 (for our 10 o'clock service) and I felt like a surgery patient fully alert, but trapped in the drugged web of anesthesia. I couldn't make my body move.

So at 10:30 when the drugs wore off I threw on a dress and made my way to our building.

I probably shouldn't have been driving.

I spent 90% of the remainder of the service staring off in space and giggling at how the speaker said the word prayer funny. She really emphasised that the word had two syllables. Pray-ER, pray-ER, pray-ER. Hilarious stuff when you're stoned.

So when, at the end of church, I was sitting by myself trying to detox I didn't find it strange when someone in my congregation approached me and began to express her condolences on my recent infertility. She went on to tell me that her daughter was also having a hard time getting pregnant and how it took her years to start having babies.

I just kind of looked up at her with glassy eyes and said, "I'm not trying to get pregnant at all"

And, at the time, I wasn't phased at her response when she said, "oh really? I thought I'd heard somewhere that you were trying and couldn't get pregnant..."

But now I'm super annoyed.


Melanie said...

Because heaven forbid you be a married Mormon girl for more than a year without a wee one on the way... you MUST be having fertility issues.


You are a good person. I wouldn't have even tried on an Benadryl day.

The Fraziers said...

Pray-ER, haha, that is pretty funny! I'm sure its humor was intensified by the drugs.

What the?! I'd be bugged too. Gossip, gossip, gossip. Annoying. People need to mind their own business. When Dennen and I were working in Alaska, some wiener asked me, "why aren't you pregnant yet, you are from Utah right?" On the spot I responded, "I can't have kids, thanks for bringing it up." He felt like a big ol' idiot (I'm glad he did), and shut his pie hole after that. Why do people seem to think it's their business whether you have kids or not, or when you want them, if you even do?

Janssen said...

Oooh, it annoys me that the only reason people wouldnt' have kids right away is because they aren't physically able to.

MSmith said...

People say hurtful and very stupid things. Some of them never get it. I just try not to be one of them (and admittedly I have failed on several occasions). Your response should have made the light go on in the gray matter.

Mrs N said...

Maybe it was a tender mercy that you were stoned out of your head. You know, so you didn't accidentally kill that lady with a death glare.

I have spent some time pondering why people feel so free to make rude comments when it comes to babies and pregnancy...I've come up empty. It is very strange to me.

Mrs. Case said...

well, i for one would like you to have a baby because it might have red hair and i love red-headed babies. selfish, yes?

the lady at your church had some guts making that kind of a comment. suppose you WERE trying to get pregnant and coulndt, the mere confrontation itself couldve sent you into a tailspin. people need to mind their p's and q's.

Tyler said...

Wow, that is lame! People bring up stuff they shouldn't.