Thursday, March 24, 2011

not my brightest moment

Last night I organized a pizza making party for 15 teenagers at my church building.

I thought it would be easy because I picked up pre-made dough and pizza sauce from whole foods and had a mountain of pre-shredded cheese.

I thought the fact that there were two ovens and pizza stones at 500 degrees would make the whole activity seamless.

About 10 minutes into the event I realized this was NOT going to be easy.

Cheese was flying everywhere.

There was so much cornmeal on the ground I kept slipping and sliding while holding piping hot pans.

The pizza makers didn't know how to stretch, or roll out dough. They got crazy with the toppings so they looked more like towers of pepperoni than nice flat food.

After about 47 minutes of furiously slinging a jillion small pizzas into and out of the oven one of my favorite little 12 year old girls came over, gave me a hug and said, " look really tired"

At which point I wanted to melt into a puddle, cry and say, "yes, yes, I'm EXHAUSTED!"

But instead I just turned around and pulled 3 more almost fully cooked sauce covered dough balls from the oven.

It's official....I would never make a good Pizza Hut employee. There goes that dream....


Kelly said...

This sounds like a crazier version of when I tried to teach the YW how to make pumpkin muffins. We wound up with a lot of partially cooked muffins. I didn't really consider that none of them knew how to read a recipe so it took about 10,000 times longer to make the batter than it should have.

I've learned not to be too ambitious when crafts and cooking are involved. :)

Morgan said...

Oh man, that sounds crazy!

We have family pizza night every Saturday and I've learned the secret is to pre-cook the dough for about 6 minutes (on 425) for each one. Then, I put a splat (technical term) of sauce on for them, the spread it around and put toppings and I put their pizza in for another few minutes. The pre-cooked dough makes all the difference!

erinannie said...

More often than not our YW activities are about creating the memory and teamwork, and less about perfection or the lesson.
Last week as I was stumbling bleary eyed through my lesson (I had worked the night shift the night before and hadn't gone to bed yet- not that I had told the girls I have a night job yet), one of my girls said, "Erin, when's the last time you got some sleep? You're looking a little crazy!"
But later she told me it was her favorite lesson in a long time. Too bad I was too tired to remember what it is I did right that day.