Thursday, June 24, 2004

New Job

I didn't think that I wanted this new position in the detector lab so badly, but the closer my interview gets the more anxious I am. All three of the heads of the department are going to interview me at once, which will be a little intimidating. I can just picture it now. All three of them will be sitting behind a large shining mahogany desk staring down at me in a rickety rolling office chair with orange upholstery. The room will be a little dark and shadowy except for the one bright hanging lamp above my head. They will ask me questions about how to calculate the current flowing through a huge looped circuit and as the beads of perspiration start to develop on my forehead I will look to the ceiling trying to remember some fact I found trivial in school that would now impress them and show them I am worthy of such a prestigious position. Yikes!

My interview is at 3 this afternoon in Boulder, so by 2:30 this work week will be over for me. I'm heading down to Durango for the weekend with a group of friends, so there won't be any posts until I get back on Monday.


marie said...

Good luck chica!!! Come see me if you have a chance :-)

Maggie said...

You'll blow them away I'm sure.

No posts until Monday! Rude!

katezmom said...

Good Luck scooter.

katezmom said...

Call me after the interview before you head out please