Friday, February 10, 2006

The end of the world as I know it

Woke up this morning thinking about the same thing I think about every Friday morning...yup, you guessed it...the friday doughnut.

Realized that I woke up early enough to actually do my hair and still get one of the chocolate ones (they always go the quickest).

Stepped out of my house and saw the 5 inches of beautiful new snow piled on top of car and wasn't annoyed. Rather, the thought of the doughnut luring me to work really put some ferocity into scraping arm.

Checked watch and saw that it was still early enough to sweep the snow off my front steps so that the mailman would deliver the mail. Sure, that meant probably gettgin stuck with the plain glazed doughnut, or the weird coconut covered one, but felt like it was ok since my roommates would appreciate my work.

Hopped into my car and started to drive to work.

The drive took 25 minutes just to get across town. Saw two sliding wrecks on the way. Nervously looked at console clock realizing that every minute that clicked away reduced chances of even getting said doughnut.

Almost sprinted across the parking lot in eager anticipation.

Rounded the corner to office and stopped dead in tracks.

No doughnuts today.

Can't even start to describe the crushing dissapointment.

Feel too bad about going out of MY way to actually get myself a doughnut, especially as am lugging my rockstar bag filled with gym clothes.


Elle said...

What a bummer! I can feel the disappointment!!

Derrick said...

I arrived at 10, so I was half expecting to see the remnance of what was once a doughnut filled box of love. Hence, I too was surprised to see that the doughnut fairy did not come last night. However, I had a somewhat disturbing feeling of joy. Since I was already set up for the disappointment of being the only one not to get to munch down on one of those delicious frosted rings, I felt relieved and overjoyed that no one else was able to experience that joy either. Muahahaha...and a little bit twisted.