Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Right now I'm feeling pretty freakin awesome.

This morning I wasn't. I read by friend Bryan's post about being stoked about MIT and I started feeling like my choice of grad school wasn't challenging/impressive enough. I started feeling in the pit of my stomach like I'd opted for the easy way out and that I wasn't really pushing myself. I have so much to offer and I was feeling like my choice to go to CU wasn't going to get me where I should be going.

I just spent all morning working out a hefty piece of code that shows how light bounces around inside a telescope and it rocks. I feel like I'm learning cool things and succeeding at them so the earlier feelings of inadequacy and unimportance have subsided and I realized that my experience and contribution to this field is going to be what I make of it, regardless of where I've picked to go to school.

Oh, and I finally got a REALLY cool bag that can hold all of my stuff. Brown leather with brushed gold studs. Tres cute.


Anth said...

You are exactly right. You will get out of grad school what you put into it. (And you can explain how light bounces around inside a telescope? That's cool!) You don't have to go somewhere schmaltzy to get the degree. And that doesn't mean you're not as cool or smart!!! Because Katie you rock. :)

Elle said...

Oooh, pics of the brown leather hotness?

No matter where you get your degree from, you will all end up in the same pond!

Katie said...

No pics....my digit camera is out of commission. You'll just have to be happy with this. When my roommate saw it she said, "wow, that's totally your 'rockstar wife' bag." Cool, huh?!?