Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Olympic post

Now, I don't want to dis the Salt Lake City Olympic opening ceremonies, but did any of you happen to catch the one in Torino. Holy cow, it was awesome!

Where we had a bunch of singing hand-cart pioneers they had a huge choreographed ski jumper, and Pavorati, and cirque de solei.

I watched the whole thing. (Thank you TIVO for letting me fast forward through the many commercials and boring speeches).

I only have a few comments.

1) What is with our outfits? Why on earth must we cling to the stupid beret for a head cover? Why can't we wear beanies like every other American winter-sport enthusiast does? Seriously.

2) I was so happy to see that at the end the Italian athletes got more screen time and attention. It's nice to not feel like the center of the universe for a change.

3) That torch lighting was AMAZING. Defiantly a high-light.

4) If we are going to send a woman to represent the US in carrying in the flag, I think we could have done a little better than a movie star. She was seriously out-classed by the rest of the women carrying that flag and I felt a little bad for her.


k said...

i missed it! i was still recovering from my travels and went to bed at 7 on friday. and i don't have tivo :( hopefully i am making up for it though by watching as much of the rest of the olympics as i possibly can!

ShutteredEye said...

happy valentine's day!!

Derrick said...

TIVO RULES! I've never seen one in action before, but my friends have one at their place. We were celebrating another friends birthday, so they just set up the tivo, we had a grand ol' time celebrating, and then when we wanted to watch the opening ceremonies we could do it free of comercials!!! I've GOT to get one of those things.

Anonymous said...

Um. The beret isn't stupid. Thanks, For your information the men and women in uniform who defend our country wear the beret.

Katie said...

Dear anon,

Thanks for your point. I never even considered that they might be wearing the beret in honor of our soldiers. I recant my statement.