Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My take on Valentines Day

Yesterday I ran an informal statistical survey about the importance/legitimacy of Valentines day.

My results were somewhat shocking.

Not one person polled was in support of the holiday.

I asked a wide demographic of people, but stayed mainly with my age range. I polled married people, single people, people in long term relationships, people who date around and all were opposed to the holiday.

One person said, "I'm not really into obligation, and that's all the Valentines Day is"

I replied, "If it feels like an obligation to show someone you love them then you're probably with the wrong person."

Everyone said it was just a holiday invented by hallmark and the 1-800-flowers to suck money out of the public. They said it was dumb and built up too much. They commented that no one should need a specific day to show someone you love them.

On their first two points, I may marginally agree. The holiday is perhaps blown a bit out of proportion.

To the last one I raise my right eyebrow, tilt my head and wonder, "true, but do you actually show someone how much you care everyday?"

I'd bet the answer is no.

I know I don't tell the ear doctor how much I care about him as often as I think about it. I don't tell my roommates how much I appreciate it when they ask my how my day was and honestly care about the response. I don't send my friends all over the country the letters they deserve to keep in touch.

So what is so wrong with having a designated world-wide day to show people that you care.

It's a lot better than letting the time slip by assuming they know.


Anonymous said...

Did you ask anyone with kids? I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old, and Valentine's Day is really fun to celebrate with them! I definitely think it doesn't have to be limited to romantic interests.

Anonymous said...

I do so hate it when folks don't bother to get things straight. Your survey folks are misinformed. St. Valentines Day, as we have come to know it, started as a Catholic saint day. Some hellenists or anthropologists may feel it began under other names in more ancient cultures but I digress. It quite simply was NOT invented by Hallmark nor 1-800 FLOWERS and annonymous is right-celebrating with your young children is a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

You know, you just sparked my pre-sabatical blog topic. Why are people so down on love. Love is awesome and you are right if you have to make a dreaded effort to love someone, get out of the relationship. You SHOULD be showing that special person you love them everyday.

But don't buy cards and flowers to do it. That's just a way to prop up the man.


Maggie said...

Katie, I think our opinion on Valentine's Day comes from our family. Most people I talked to here thought of it as an obligation to romantic interests. (Interestingly enough it was also thought of only as a day for the guy to get something for the girl.) I on the other hand just think of it as a day to tell everyone how much I love them. Everyone. I especially liked my call from grandma telling me happy Valentine's Day. Right, you should be thinking of the people you love all the time, but just in case you forget there's one day a year when you are reminded of its importance. Like Thanksgiving. You should be thankful all the time, but just in case you forget there's a day to remind you. Nobody seemed to be opposed to Thanksgiving when that came around.

brittany said...

Whatever, Valentine's day is my favorite holiday. It makes me so happy that we have an entire day designated to letting people know you love them. What's so wrong about that?

k said...

I agree with Maggie's take on the holiday. I don't think there needs to be all this hoopla with cards and flowers and such, what is wrong with making a certain effort on this one day to express your love. And this is even from the eternally single chick! :)

Anth said...

Katie, you raise a good point with this post. Personally, I am in favor of Valentine's Day. It is practically the only day of the year I can get my husband to bring me flowers. Ha ha

El said...

Hey Katie, I was wondering when you are going to be in London this summer? Eleanor :)

Katie said...

Actually, I'm going over Spring Break, which is only ONE MONTH AWAY! Hooray!

The ear doctor and I are thinking of taking 2 weeks at the end of August before school starts to go down to Mexico. FYI

east of eden said...

Long time lurker, first time commetor...great blog by the way. I favor Valentine's day, and not just because that is the day I got engaged to my very wonderful husband. You are right on, it's nice to let the people you know that they are appreciated. We've never made a huge deal out of Valentine's day. This year we went to the store together, picked out a nice plant, and some of our favorite treats. Now, we did this the night before, because our Bishop decided to have a meeting, which I have issues with but that is another story for another day. I remember once at BYU my roommates and I went and heart attacked everyone in the ward, so that everyone would have a seceret valentine. It was the most fun I'd ever had and the looks on everyone's faces when the woke up and discovered the attack was priceless. Keep being the optimist. It's very refreshing.

Elle said...

My argument when people dis Valentine's Day, is that I bring up Mother's Day and Father's Day? Do they grumble that it is just a Hallmark holiday when they should be appreciating their love for their parents every day!?!

Heather said...

I LOVE Valentine's Day! I don't care if I don't get any gifties from the husband (which I do actually get great gifts), I just like to think about the people I love all day long, it reminds me how many great people are in my life. And one of the best parts of Valentine's is the Valentine socks my mom always gets me! (I think our moms are a lot alike)

Eleanor said...

You have to tell me how your time in London is and what cool things you get to do. The fam and I are going to Europe at the end of May for two months so I was hoping that you might be there during the time we are there and then we could party it up Euro style....WHOOO HOOOO. yep...and mexico...that sounds nice:)

trs said...


Valentine's day was NOT invented by Hallmark... but you can thank them and the florists for it's over-commercialization.

That is the main reason I detest it. Combined of course with the fact that I have been single for all but one or two Valentine's days in my ENTIRE LIFE!! And those two were so long ago, it counts as another lifetime.

As it stands... if I was dating someone - preferably in love with someone, I'd feel like kicking him if he spent $80 on roses for me for V-day. Get them for me in May when they're $18 and if you're going to spend $80 or more - get me something good, like a DVD player or an i-Pod!
Of course, I wouldn't want a gift anyway... just the acknowledgement that he cares for me and would rather spend time with me than with anyone else.