Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The apartment

Today during lunch the ear doctor and I are signing our first joint contract. We're getting our first apartment to live in together. HOW exciting!

It's so cool to think that we will get to live together soon, under the same roof. No need to go home late at night, or to be inconvenineced when looking for a rubber band to keep my hair up at his house. It will be SO great!

The apartment we've found isn't my dream home...but it will do until we've saved up a bit. In the search for the housing over the past month I've found some really interesting trends in housing.

It seems right now, in Colorado, there is a push to develop new neighborhoods of retro-looking, small houses packed very close together. I think this new concept is ideal for starter homes. They are small, and compact but still have style. I'd much rather live in a small house that I can fill with the few pieces of furniture I have than buy a big house and feel pressured to buy tons of junk just to make it feel full. These housese are kind of like living in a condo or a townhouse but still has the individuality of a stand-alone home. Plus, these developements are much better from an urban planning frame of reference. The down side is that they do'nt really have big yards, but for a couple where both people are working I think it doesn't really make much sense to have a big yard.


ashlynn said...

yes big yards are not so great. pretty to lok at but a dreadful thing to take care of!

Elle said...

OMG! That is VERY exciting!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I suppose the yard size is just what you get when you find your place. There has always been two people working full time here and I still love to putter in the dirt all summer long.


Cory said...

Ooh... What city are you living in?