Monday, May 14, 2007

Cutest couple

I lurve this picture from my cousin's wedding last weekend!

He's so hot!


Jethro said...

Finally, a picture!

Anth said...

You guys look so cute!!!

And I love what I can see of your dress - is that from Shabby Apple?

Eleanor Cleverly said...

I second jethro

Katie said...

No, it's not Shabby Apple, but it looks just the same. I've had that dress for almost a year now. I loved it because it was so unique, no one else had it.

I'm a little annoyed now that you can find the exact dress at almost every store in the mall. So much for being different...

Courtney said...

You *ARE* the cutest couple!!!
I had no idea your hair was that read - it looks so brownish in your profile pic. And the Ear Doctor is a total Hottie!!!

You two are adorable together - I can't wait to see the wedding pics.


cropstar5 said...

onmigoodness! SO CUTE!!

k8 said...

oh my! you have the greatest hair!! i am so jealous-my mother has red hair and none of us got it. So so sassy!

Elle said...

SO glam! I love it!! I am so excited to see a great pic of the both of yall!

trs said...

Oh you ARE cute together!
You match.

same as me and my guy... everyone says we match too.

Thankfully... we (and you) don't match so much to be mistaken for brother and sister... just match like we (and you) belong together.

I think that's a sign of soul mates! So happy for you.
He is a cutie.
How did the two of you meet?