Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Table Settings

Last night I put together a mock up of how are tables are going to look. That way I can give the caterer and setter-uppers a picture of what I want the table to look like. Because we are doing a family buffet dinner, I decided not to set the tables with any plates. I kind of think it is strange to go to the table, pick up the empty plate and head over to the buffet. All of the plates will be sitting at the end of the buffet waiting to be filled with the delicious food.

Anyway, the settings. The ear doctor and I wanted to used solid brown table clothes. I think the dark tables will really bring a warmth and luxury feel to the room. At each place setting there will be a white napkin with a blue ribbon wrapped around it. On top of the napkins there is a little favor box. We haven't decided yet what to put in the boxes, but I thought they were too cute to pass up.

In the center of the table there will be 9 shallow canning jars filled with water. In each jar there will be one big blue hydrangea head (I had to use spider mums for the mock up because I couldn't find hydrangeas at the florist this time of year). There will be a couple of pictures of the ear doctor and myself popping up from in between the hydrangea mounds held up on those picture clips.

I was thinking of labeling each table with a different phase in our relationship like "the first date" or "the proposal." Then, at that table we'd write out our stories so that the guests have something kind of fun to read while they're eating dinner.

Any thoughts or suggestions for what we should change or add?


Anonymous said...

Those better be Ball canning jars!

Katie said...

I wanted Ball jars really really badly, but they cost 4 times as much as these Kerr jars. I just couldn't justify the expense. I figured I could cover the Kerr with a ribbon and everyone would think they were Ball jars.

k said...

i had a friend how labeled each table with a year, starting in 1979 (the year the bride and groom were born) and then had pictures of each of them during that year. (the extra years were just on little cocktail tables). it was so funny to look at the pictures and laugh (because we remembered looking like that too).

trs said...

I always planned to put pictures on the table too. Growing up years and our lives apart on one side - and us together on the other.

finally - now I know who the guy is!!!

your table setting looks lovely. Your wedding is going to be fabulous. ANd I love your pictures too... particularly the spiral staircase one. you guys did a lot of smooching!


Courtney said...


Will you please please please come plan my wedding someday??? PLEASE!