Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A possible candidate for our Photographer

Last night the ear doctor and I met with a great photographer. The cool things about her:

  1. She grew up in a photography family. Her great-grandfather owned a camera store. Her grandfather taught photography at a university. And now she and her mother run a photography business. Her photos have been critiqued since she was 9 years old.

  2. Her price is just right and she offered to give us an extra hour for free. Score.

  3. Her albums are beautiful and she really tailors the whole album to the couple. This is good because we've seen some albums that we really didn't like.

  4. She's already photographed an LDS wedding and understands the limitations with regard to the ceremony.

Here is a sampling of Amanda and her mother's work:

I copied all of these images off the Kokoro website.

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Erik and Amy said...

I have to put in my plug here - if you splurge on anything, make it the photographer. We tried to tight budget everything, and that is what I wish we would have spent a little more on. A lot of our pictures turned out like poo. The pictures from this photographer look absolutely AMAZING!