Friday, March 14, 2008

As heard over the cubical walls this morning

Cool Engineer #1: Hey, Engineer #2, do you know what holiday it is today.

(I glance up at my calendar because, well, I'd hate to miss out on celebrating a holiday)

Cool Engineer #2: Um, no....

(I realize what the date is today and smile.)

Katie: (quietly) It's pi day.

FYI pi=3.14, or March 14th.

Cool Engineer #1: I'm gonna say it quiet so that no one heard how dorky I am....It's pi day.

Cool Engineer #2: Katie already said that.

Cool Engineer #1: Oh. (pause). Katie is officially kicked out of the cool club.

(I smile at the knowledge that he is jealous that I stole his thunder, making me QUEEN of the cool Engineer club)


Derrick said...

Not sure whether I should be complimented or insulted... afterall, "cool" engineer #1 happens to be me...

I didn't even know I had thunder to steal, but now that I know... I'm sure going to miss it :(

Dawn said...

Here's to your thunder! Cheers