Friday, March 28, 2008

What a great idea

Lately I've been feeling really THING-hungry. I see pretty THINGS everywhere and want them really badly. It makes me start thinking that I don't like the THINGS I already have, which is bad because I love what I already have.

Then, I saw this post over at ill seen, ill said. I thought, wow, I need some perspective. Thanks for the shot of reality, Jane!

So I'm going to start sharing things I have, that I love, and why. Hopefully this will curb my insatiable materialism.

The first thing, this blue/purple shirt (excuse the almost 2 year old picture):

I got it from anthropologie about 3 years ago and it is my absolute favorite shirt in my closet. When I wear it I feel confident, stylish and pretty. And kind of like a flower...scalloped edges do that to me.

(girls, if any of you don't want this picture up call, email, text or comment below and I'll crop it to not show you. No prob!)


Courtney said...

Awwwwwwwww - what a cute picture!! :)

Leslie said...

I'm a total lurker on your site but I'm coming out of hiding because I saw this today and instantly thought of you. I know this won't help curb your desire to buy new things but don't you agree that this dress was made for you?

Katie's Dress

Katie said...


RIGHT ON! Love that dress!

Oh, and feel free to comment any time! I love comments!

Courtney said...

Leslie has your style PEGGED!!