Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm a bad guest

Last night the ear doctor and I were invited over to have dinner with a brand spanking new set of friends.

Well, they aren't really that *new* since we've known them at least 10 months or so, but we've never been over to their house. Until I've been over to someone's house I don't think that they're really friends yet.

Wait a minute, that isn't true at all. I consider a lot of my internet bloggy friends to be real...hmmm....must figure out a new definition of friend I guess. But that's beside the point.

We went over to their house along with another couple. Between the 6 of us and their 1 year old adorable little girl we had a great time. But here's the thing, my stomach has been in knots for the past couple of days, no doubt thanks to my lovely little sister and niece. As a result I really couldn't even get half way through the delicious looking lasagna that was dished up for me.


I was invited to their home, they made me lasagna from scratch and from the looks of my plate I was a picky, sensitive eater (my pet peeve). I tried to make it clear that it was just my stomach that was churning like the south sea, not her cooking, but I still felt so badly.


chloe elizabeth said...

Just send a little thank you note, reiterate that the food was delicious and you wish that you could have eaten more, if your silly stomach had just cooperated, and call it good. No worries!

Katie said...

Ooo, great idea!

Maggie said...

I'm SO SORRY! I felt really bad that we were sick in your house. After having a kid I'm even more sensitive about stopping the spread of diseases!

erinannie said...

is anyone else laughing at the symptoms of morning sickness?

CageQueen said...

Hopefully there will never be a next time that you're sick to your stomach while a dinner guest in someone's home, but if that should happen to come up again, I would ask to take my leftovers home so the hostess would know that I enjoyed my meal. I might also send her a little thank you note the next day (everyone loves receiving mail that isn't bills) reaffirming that you loved the meal but were under the weather.