Thursday, March 13, 2008

I could not be prouder

This morning I came in late to work. Why? Because I was supporting my man.

Today was the day of his big clinical defense. To fufil the last requirement for his AuD degree (graduation May 9th...holla) he had to stand up in front of some of the best audiological clinicians in the state of Colorado and present two case studies. He had to explain their testing, diagnosis, treatment and therapy. Then he had to field their questions.

I sat in the back of the room totally impressed by how professional and expert he was. He knew his stuff and blew their socks off. Plus, the perfect outfit he put together didn't hurt either...what a hot stud.

I'm so proud of my incredibly smart and hott husband.


Anth said...

Go Ear Doctor!!!

dad said...

Good Deal

chronicler said...

Woot! Party May 9th at Katie's! Congratulations for the two of you.

Krillschin said...

Congrats to your sexy man. I am sure his outfit was stellar, distinguished as always.