Friday, March 21, 2008

so hot right now

A lot of the time, we red heads bear the stereotype of being pasty skinned and predominately unattractive. I can't tell you how many "red headed step child" jokes I've endured in my life. When youre in a demographic represented by Annie, Pipi Longstalkings and Carr0t T0p it can be pretty rough.
That's alright, we can handle it. We get "the luck of the Irish."

However, recently I'm noticing a trend. The red hair is back, baby.

Example #1: Marcia Cross

I've never really been into Desperate H0usewives, but the show has been on forever and she's never messed with her red locks.

Example #2: Rilo Kiley

Cool rocker chic works that red hair.

Example #3: Amy Adams
This beauty has done more recently for the cause of the red head than Nicole Kidman and Lindsay Lohan combined. I have to rank her right up there with Ariel who gave me my first chance at really playing a princess in true Disney fashion.


Olivia said...

for what it's worth, I always wanted to have red hair... or be black... I continue to think that either one of these changes to my appearance would significantly improve my looks. red hair = HOTT.

girl from florida said...

OOOOOH YEAH!! Red is hot!! I've always been extremely envious of red heads and wanted their hair for my very own. As a result, I've endured several horrid purple and magenta hair colors for a few weeks out of my life. I've accepted the reality that red highlights are for me and that's as good as it will get!

You are gorgeous honey!