Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dear Billionaires,

I have a great investment idea for you. A sure thing. An instant winner.

Buy this house and use it as a vacation home. You'll love Boulder and this house will make you feel right at home.

It's located in the best neighborhood in the whole city and would be a nice little get away for you. And when you aren't in town the ear doctor and I will graciously live in the house, keep it clean and immaculate for you. I'll even make you some whole wheat panckaces with organic blueberry syrup when you come to visit.

Let me know when you are interested and I'll do all the footwork here in town for you.

Can't wait to hear from you,



Alicia said...

That's beautiful...Mapleton Hill right? I live in Boulder too & LOVE running along those streets fantasizing about someday being able to buy a house up there...I'll probably have to keep dreaming or start playing the lottery!

TRS said...

Great idea.

I'll bet someone may make an offer... and you and ED can be caretakers! Awesome.

You should be a fly on my wall when I scroll through my 'recent visits' list on my drop down... see your blog address and think - "Oooh I wonder what Katie's up to!"

Courtney said...

Drool... Maybe a whole bunch of us can SPLIT it! I'll work on finding 10 hundred-thousand-aires... then we can all use it like a time share!!

dad said...

How much is this house? MAybe we can buy it.