Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Making me very happy

I talk to these beauties every morning

There are few things in life more simply satisfying that growing something from a seed.


Elle said...

How exciting!! This is making me want to start up that herb garden I have been wanting to for, oh, three years now.

Courtney said...

Nice!!!! Definitely satisfying!

Greeneyes said...

Sweet baby plants...what did you cultivate? An herb garden? Veggies?
And where did you get that awesome planter-rack-device?

Bree said...

so cute!

Katie said...

These are herbs, but when they've grown up a bit I'll transplant them and start some veggies.

The ear doctor got me this pretty planter from Crate & Barrel for my birthday last year. The only bummer is that the bottom of the cups don't have holes so I have to be VERY careful about overwatering. Luckily Colorado is the driest place on plante earth.