Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nice headpiece

The ear doctor and I are dancers. We break out into dance at least once a day, usually in the kitchen. I inherited this gene from my mother.

As a result, we watch Dancing with the Stars.

(don't judge me)

We cringe at the costuming, laugh at the comments, critique the frames and swoon over a well-hit line. The judges are kind of over the top, and the dancing is pretty good most of the time. However, my personal favorite moment of the show every week is when they introduce the band, and the lead singer gets her 10 seconds of screen time.

HOLY COW, that woman is AWESOME!

You know the dame I'm talking about, right? The lady with the crazy/awesome head piece every week!?!?! I wait in eager anticipation of her moment of glory like a kid on Christmas eve. I'm so glad the show is on Monday night because it really helps me make it through the week.

If you haven't seen her, you must. It's one of the high moments of all prime time TV.


Jessica said...

Don't judge me. I've missed one week in the entire run of the series. And that was on our honeymoon.

dad said...

The dance gene is from your father!!!!!!!!!