Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Oh, I almost forgot!

Before the ear doctor left for his big conference this week I wanted to get him a little gift. After reading about how great cjane is to chupa, I thought my housewifery skills could be sharpened. This conference is a big deal and with his upcoming graduation it is a perfect chance for him to do a little networking. I thought it would be nice to get him some business cards made.

I've been singing the praises of letterpress ever since I stumbled across Jordan's site years ago. I think he thought it was cool too, but didn't really get it the way I did. (AKA he was not dreaming of throwing events simply to have an excuse to design pretty invitations)

That is until his business cards came back. He took one look at them, ran his thumb across the deep impressions into the thick card and said one word....."classy." This, in the ear doctor's book, is the highest compliment you can give someone/thing.

This order was super amazing because I contacted Alex at Dolce Studio on Tuesday, March 25th, discussed the design and I had the cards waiting for me in my mail box on Saturday, March 29! That's a 4 day turn around, people. I am so very impressed and love that I supported the homespun letterpress industry.

I'd post pictures, but it's all our personal contact info that I'm not so keen to post for the get that right?

BTW ~ I figured between sweet little Moses, party planning and getting Emily's save-the-date cards done, Jordan probably had her hands full. Otherwise I would have enlisted her services in a heartbeat.

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TRS said...

What a great idea. Especially to have them to take to the conference and make a great first impression!

Wish I could see them (but I understand) Could you at least show the design if there is one?

I'm such a beast!