Friday, April 04, 2008

Sometimes bad news is good news

My little sister didn't get that cute house. However, I think that is for the best. Here are some other unbelievably cute houses that they are looking at today:

For $79,999:

For $79,900

For $89,900 (not that great on curb appeal, but check out the inside)

The second one is my very favorite! I guess there are some awesome perks to living in St. Louis!


TRS said...

That's it.
I'm moving to St. Louis.

Since I don't have a job here - I might as well not have a job there!
Imagine the house I could get for the price of my tiny condo!!

Lindsey said...

The curb appeal isn't that bad on the third house... a garden and a tree could make it really cute

cady said...

those houses are so cute, and i can't believe the prices! i think i like the first one the best.

Anth said...

Those prices are insanely low.

Courtney said...

Throw some grass and flowers in front of the third one and , hello, WINNERR!

I can't believe you can buy a whole house for the price of a CAR!

Nicole said...

I can't believe those prices. So cute too!