Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I was having kind of a crappy day. Just being grouchy and lame. Then, I read this wonderful post written by Janssen and I knew that the only cure was to make my way to Pearl street in Boulder for a free scoop of Ben & Jerry's with my man.
And boy, did it work.

First, we walked down the beauitful street lined with tulips and saw a long line in front of the store. That's OK, I thought, free ice cream is worth the wait.

While in line some petition people annoyed me for my signature....pretty typical considering Boulder. As we got closer to the front door I grew eager with anticipation. A free scoop of Cherry Garcia was about to be mine!

We were in to doorway to the store, so the ear doctor took his insulina...

I bellied up to the counter and placed my Cherry Garcia for me and a Phish food for the man. I got my cone of joy. (notice the blurriness of this's an action shot)

Together we raised our cones. All hail Ben & Jerry's!

Oh, how I love my ice cream....

....and my man.

We spent an hour taking in the sights of downtown Boulder. Turns out this town was a bicycle friendly community from 2004 to 2007, but is no longer. Someone should inform that bike rider.

Also, nowhere but in Boulder is that random garabage shoe left on the street a HIKING BOOT.

We ended our night by swinging by the mall to buy me some shoes (2 pair for the price of 1! Booyah!) and eat some Rubios fish tacos. Imagine my thrill when Amy Grant's Heart in Motion started blaring from the speakers.

Evenings don't get much better than that.


TRS said...

You are so cute!
I love the chair dancing shots!!

the wifey said...

ha ha! i can totally relate to your dancing scene in the restaurant =) and NOW, i have to go find some ice cream because your pictures made me crave it. thanks =)

Tanya said...

Isnt Ben and Jerrys the best? Theres one about a mile from my house, just past NCSU and across from Meredith College.

And it warms my heart to see a couple taking such pleasure in the simple things in life. You look so happy and in love! :)

Anonymous said...

1. I really like your top.
2. You and the ear doctor are going to have cute kids.

Courtney said...

YAY!!! Fun-ness!!!

I love how many pictures you guys take! So fun. I need to inject Kyle with the photog bug.

Anth said...

I am really glad the finger mike came out.

Katie said...


I thought you would appreciate that.