Monday, June 22, 2009

2 down, a billion to go

This weekend the ear doctor and I celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary. For some reason, it seems like the planning of events like this usually falls squarely in the ear doctor's lap. Is that a cultural thing? The it's the husband's responsibility to think of something creative? Is it just me? Where does that come from?

This year I offered to plan our big day. And since we are on a budget (remember, we're buying a house soon) I planned us a little sta-cation. (Am I the only one that feels like a total dork when they say that out loud?)

We stayed the night at a swank hotel in downtown Denver Friday night. Saturday we woke up bright and early (8:30) and started the day off right at Sam's. If you're in Denver you MUST go here for breakfast.

With full bellies we hit the pavement. I'd driven through the civic center about a million times but never really learned the history behind it all. So, I did a bunch of research on all the old buildings and showed my man around. Here are a list of things we learned on our day playing tourists in our own city:

1) The Colorado history museum has A LOT of little plastic people dioramas. A lot of them. And they're all guarded by a mighty mighty buffalo.
2) The Denver Public Library houses an amazing collection of western history. Not that we read much of it, but we should have because the reading room up there is pretty jaw-dropping.

3) The Byers-Evans house may or may not have ghosts flying around in it. It's been investigated by the CCPI (Colorado Coalition of Paranormal Investigators) and they're doing a follow-up study in August.

4) The state capitol building has a gold dome that was most recently restored in 1991.

5) Taking a pictures of your feet with you own camera phone can be really hard.


made sweet said...

1. happy anniversary!!!

2. sta-cation....i laughed out loud when you said you feel like an idiot when you say it. I just designed posters for a campus event called staycation and every time i said it/wrote it/designed it I felt silly. So I am totally with you on that one!

3. i love the pieced together pics of your feet. adorable.

Lady Susan said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the pictures. Cute and cheesy.

allimarie said...

LOVE the pic of yall's feet!!

And TWO YEARS??? REALLY??? Wow, its seems like just yesterday I was drooling over your posts of you in your BEAUTIFUL wedding dress!!!

Congrats on #2 and I can't wait to read about the many many many more to come!!

Chessie said...

Congrats on two years! That hotel you picked looks really cool. =)

{Erica} said...

Happy Anniversary! It sounds like a perfect day. Our best dates usualy are the ones that don't cost a ton of it!

I don't know how you got such good pictures with your camera phone. Seriously love how the last one of your feet came together.

p.s. I dig your hair!

dad said...

Congradulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mocha Dad said...

Happy Anniversary! Newlyweds are so cute.