Friday, June 05, 2009

Mystery Solved

Last night the ear doctor took me out to the movies. As we sat and waited for the flick to start I looked around and was kind of surprised by the demographics of my fellow movie-goers. The movie we were seeing was a certifiable chick flick and it started at 9:15 pm. I expected to see mostly couples in the audience.

About 5 chairs away from us on the same row was a dad and his teenage son. They were both enjoying slurpees and texting away. Kind of a strange movie choice for a father/son outing, but, who am I to judge.

3 rows behind us and to the left were a couple of guys. I would understand if they were there on a date, but they way they acted toward each other they were deeply in the closet or straight as can be. What would 2 straight teenage boys be doing at a chick flick on a Thursday night? It baffled me.

Then, there was the predictable gaggle of teenage girls all sitting together way at the top of the theater. This group I understood. This group gave be deja vu a bit.

Just before the lights went down the gaggle let out their siren call. Loud, unstoppable, giggles. Probably quite similar to the sound I myself made upon seeing Leonardo Di Caprio's (I'm not sure if that's how you spell his name, but I'm too lazy to look it up right now) moody face in Romeo and Juliet. As I rolled my eyes, gripped my fingers and prepared myself for 2 hours of that annoying cackle, the boys from behind me called out, "hey, what grade are you girls in?"

Straight teenage boy attendance explained.

But then, before the guffawing girls had a chance to answer, the middle-aged man piped up and said, "one of them is my daughter"

I've never seen to scraggly headed boys whip around and sit up straight faster in my life. Their Volcom brims practically launched off their heads with the shear force of the twist.


allimarie said...

GREAT story!!

Cafe Johnsonia said...

LOL That is a great story! And very funny.

TRS said...

This is great!

Yep. I was in my 20s when Romeo & Juliet came out... went to see it with my friend Rob. As soon as DeCaprio made his first appearance - a great squeal eminated throughout the theatre. We grown-ups were completely unprepared!!

If it hadn't been in Omaha, I would swear you were in that crowd!!

250 points for the dad!!

Mo said...

Ahaha...funny story.

I too went to Romeo and Juliet with my girlfriends in jr. high! I'm sure we were super annoying to anyone else in that theater.

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made sweet said...

hahaha. i love it. too perfect. thanks for the laugh.