Monday, June 15, 2009

No, I'm not an intern

There are a lot of tough things about starting a brand new job. You have no idea where to get the pens, you can usually only remember one route to the bathroom and you're not really sure who you should be asking to help get your business cards on order. Your new health insurance plan probably doesn't make sense, and your retirement account? Forget about it. Way too much to take in on Day 1.

But for me, all those things pale in comparison to another larger hurdle. Reputation.

For the past 6 years I've worked very hard to make sure that everyone understood that I was there to be taken seriously. I made sure people understood that I was fully able to do my job. At the very minimum I wanted people to realize that I was NOT THE INTERN!

And what happens today?

No less than 3 people came up to me and asked, "so, are you enjoying the first day of your internship?"


It is especially surprising since at this company they take interns from HIGH SCHOOL. No joke. The guy who sat next to me in the orientation meeting was worried that the HR people would forget to return his DRIVING PERMIT after they'd finished his paperwork.

And while I guess I should be excited that I could pass for a 15 year old in their eyes, it's a still a bit frustrating.


MrsEm said...

Ugh! Maybe it's time to start wearing all black and get a fake pair of glasses. Hang in there! I expect you to be fully settled soon.

Robyn said...

You should be flattered. And they'll all get over it once you blow them away with your mad engineering skills!

Mo said...

Sounds like you had a rockin' first day. It'll get better!

I can totally relate. I was asked what grade I was in. By someone my own age.

We'll enjoy our youthful looks as we age.

{Erica} said...

I hate that too! No won't be long before your reputation will be known and you'll be respected, appreciate and liked! They are lucky to have you!

k said...

Ha, ha! I'm laughing with you, not at you.

That is one of the things I dislike most about school - the lack of respect (not neccessarily from my advisor). When I was working people knew I was good at my job and respected my opinion. Here, I am still good at my job, but I am still just a lowly grad student who's opinion rarely matters.

Give it time though. It won't take long for people to acknowledge you and your skills.

karlee said...

oh that's nothing. I get that kind of crap daily. Here is a favorite of mine.

I'm 23 and when we were on a flight I was fortunate enough to get the emergency isle. Well the flight attendant had the audacity to inform me, "sweetie, children are not allowed in this isle." We had an interesting chat to say the least. Sure, I had my on hoodie (hood up)and glasses (it was 6 am!) but I had my wedding ring on! Be a little observant! My husband enjoyed every minute of it.

So, I feel ya.

dad said...

Enjoy life. Nothing is too serious not to have a laugh. Just make sure the pay check is correct.