Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blogger to Blogger

This week I had the chance to go on an awesome Mis-adventure with one of my favorite bloggers, K. We've been reading about each other's lives for almost 4 years now. If you like to read someone genuine who just puts it all out there, hers is the blog for you!

K asked: What will you miss the most and the least about your old job? How does your new job compare?

Katie answered: The first and foremost thing I'll miss about my old job is the people. I made so many great friends there and learned so much from each of them. They threw me a big going away lunch and I was touched I teared up a little bit. Second, I'll miss the support I felt from upper management. I was so lucky to have people high up in the company watching out for me and sincerely caring about my career and the direction it took. I think that's pretty rare and I doubt I'll ever get that kind of personal attention at any other company. Third, free tampons in the ladies bathroom. It's the small things in life. I don't know how the new job compares because I haven't started it yet. All I know is I'll be working with one of my best friends from grad school so I think that'll be a blast.

K asked: If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?
Katie answered: Hands down, my mom's meatloaf and mashed potatoes finished with a huge helping of strawberry shortcake. I know it may sound a bit country, but this meal is simultaneously so nostalgic and delicious I can't get enough! I actually had a boyfriend in college who called my mom for the recipe so that he could make it for me for a special dinner...that's how much I love this stuff.

K asked: When you finally buy your first house, what color will you paint the walls? (And when is that finally going to happen?? It is a tease seeing all these cool houses every week!!)

Katie answered: Hmmm...good question. Depending on the light in the space, I imagine the main living space a kind of putty gray, the kitchen almost all white with honey colored wood accents. The master bedroom will probably have slate blue/gray and somewhere will be a nice earthy green. I'm always drawn to those colors. Oh, and we probably won't be actually buying a place until the fall. We haven't even set up any real meetings with Realtors, but when we do I plan to fully document the entire house buying process STAY TUNED.

and then...

Katie asked: As someone who is so athletic, which would you rather loose, your arms or your legs?

K answered: Without a doubt, my arms. The things I love to do - ski, run, hike, would be hard with no arms, but even harder with no legs. When I tore a ligament in my knee last summer and was out of commission for 4 months, I realized just how important the use of my legs was to my life. I was absolutely miserable during my entire recovery because I wasn't able to do my favorite activities. Not only was I physically injured, but there was a huge mental impact as well. Daily life would probably be harder without arms, but I don't I could handle the reduction in mobility that would accompany the loss of legs.

Katie asked: If you were mistakenly thrown in jail, who would get your single phone call and why?

K answered: My mom. I talk to her more than any one else - and her phone number is the only one I know by heart, so I think I'd have no choice but to call her. Also my mom is probably the only person who can decipher me when I am sobbing into the phone, which I would certainly be doing if I was thrown into jail. She also has experience with the whole phone call from jail thing - my brother and I are very different people...

Katie asked: Do you fantasize about having a really big blog sometimes? Why or why not?
K answered: No - not really, for a couple of reasons. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my current little piece of the internet. I think it could turn something fun into something that was a lot of pressure. I feel like the big bloggers out there have a lot of haters (on top of all their lovers) - I don't think I could handle the inevitable criticism. Also, I like the semi-anonymity I have here. I think the bigger a blogger becomes, the harder it is to keep that. All that being said, I am going to start working on actually posting on my own blog again on a regular basis.


MrsEm said...'re changing jobs? When did this happen? Congratulations!

made sweet said...

I love your blogger to blogger pics that you make. it's one of the highlights of the interviews. :) and that meatloaf dinner sounds delicious.