Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My first day of class at BYU was a complete debacle. I hadn't had time to scope out where my classroom was so I wandered aimlessly around campus attempting to locate a building I'd never heard of. I looked and looked and looked getting more and more frustrated. I didn't want to seem lost or out of control (silly silly girl) so I refused to stop and ask someone. By the time my class was 45 minutes over I decided that I'd missed it and I sullenly stomped my way back to my dorm room; after which I melted into my bed and cried a few silent but soul wracking sobs.

I promise, I wasn't really upset about missing class. Instead I was totally and utterly overwhelmed by the newest and bigness of everything around me.

By the next day I was fine, but I've never forgotten that sense of being one small little cog lost in a huge piece of machinery. I've also committed to memory the lesson that the out-of-place feeling fades fast.

And that was a great lesson for me to remember this afternoon as I drove from one personality starved office complex to the next in an attempt to locate my new little cubbie. An office that, once found, had no network cable, phone or furniture less than 50 years old.


MrsEm said...

Sweet! Do you get a typewriter? ;)

Reb said...

I am wondering about the shag rug, is there one? How about love beads? I wish you any easy next couple of weeks! Cheers!

Chessie said...

Being the "new girl" is tough! I'm sure you'll find your way soon. Good luck! =)

Anonymous said...

Remember this is the Honeymoon period of your new job. If you need items, now is time to ask in a professional manner :)