Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blogger to Blogger

Oh, did you notice that I missed a blogger to blogger last week? Well, I was building up the suspense for this week's interview with Reb of Reb and Jeb and Our Little Men. As soon as I found her I know, what with being a fellow Coloradoan and all, I had to get her on the ole blog. And she was SO nice to agree!

Reb asked: Boulder is such a great place. If I only had 3 hours to spend there, what should I do?

Katie answered: The best thing about Boulder is that you can mix the rural with the urban without having to drive very much. If you only had 3 hours to be in the area I would first get lunch on the front patio at Brasserie Ten Ten. The food will knock your socks off, and I could bring little Roscoe and tie him up to the railing while I eat.

Then, I'd take off and do a little hike up to Boulder Falls. It's such and easy short walk but who doesn't love a waterfall?

If I still had time after that I'd grab some frozen custard from Bova's on the hill.

Reb asked: When are you going to actually make audible contact with the Bizarro Katie and Ear Doctor Look alike. When you do, what are you going to say?

Katie answered: Here's the thing. I'm the kind of person who normally just walks up to strangers and starts talking. It's a trait I inherited from my dad who is the most charismatic and
friendly person on the planet. So the fact that I haven't just walked up to them is kind of amazing.

I think I like the intrigue and mystery of NOT talking to them. It makes me feel like a bit of a covert spy.

However, when I see them next (because I know I will) I may say something like, "Isn't it kind of creepy how similar we are?" or maybe "stop stalking us already" or "did you see that episode of Gossip Girl where Blair and Chuck find dates for each other that are cheap copies of themselves? do you consider yourself the "Blair" or the "Blair-knockoff" in this situation?"

Or I'll probably say, "nice hair" and walk away hoping that they saw the resemblance.

Reb asked: I know you're a skier. What places do you like to go to and why? What do you think of Coloradans who do not ski? Isn't there a law against it? I know it's expensive and bla bla bla, but c'mon really?

Katie answered: Well, first of all I have to admit that my favorite place to ski isn't in Colorado at's Alta in Utah. Hands down.

Secondly, since I'm still an intermediate skier (mostly blue/black runs) my favorite place to ski in this state is Copper. It's closer than Vail, better runs that Breck (for a skier), the bumps aren't as deep or steep as they are at Winterpark/Mary Jane. That being said, I have to admit I've never been to Loveland or A-basin yet.

Lastly, I get it why some people don't ski. My sister is the type that hates to be cold and willingly sacrifices the potential thrill of the hill to avoid it. I never complain about people that don't ski here. The resorts are crowded enough and the traffic makes me want to pull out my hair. The more people who stay off my hills THE BETTER.

...and then...

Katie asked: What is your favorite detail of your new house?

Reb answered: There are so many details of my house that I am tickled about. The hard wood floors are beyond, the laundry room off the kitchen is dreamy, but I'd have to say my favorite part is the master bathroom.

You have to understand, we used to share a tiny bathroom, all six of us in our other house. It was tight. It was cozy. It was hard to get any privacy. The new bathroom, all of them, allow me to actually sit on a toilet seat without the possibility of sitting on pee first. Jeb and I can do our thing at our own sinks without bumping into eachother all the time. There's also a jacuzzi tub! I can't believe I get to use this bathroom and not give it back at the end of the weekend. I keep smiling and having to pinch myself and think of the words to that song by Talking Heads, "This isn't my beautiful house, this isn't my beautiful car...ect...Many many days go by..."

Katie asked: How do you discipline your kids? What has worked the best for you?

Reb answered: I use a taser or a tranquilizer gun. With four boys, these are a must! And then if that doesn't work then I use Love and Logic. It saved my life and my sanity when I had just the two little ones. As all parents face a shocking discovery, I found I didn't have a clue how to raise my children. I felt like I was parenting without having read the directions to that darn instruction manual that didn't come with them. I also found that I was hot tempered when dealing with strong-willed children. I purchased the Love and Logic book on CD and listened to it when I went running. It was magic and my parenting, my temperment improved ten fold. I wasn't yelling anymore. I was smiling and happy. The feeling in our home was so much more peaceful. I still use it and am so thankful for it.

Katie asked: What is the best advise your mom ever gave you?

Reb answered: This is the most basic and obvious advice, but she always says, "Do not try to raise your children all the same way. They are all different." Easier said than done, but very wise advice indeed. All my children are so different and trying one technique on one, gets stonewalled by the others. So yes, remember, your children are all different, awesomely different.


Raven said...

I didn't know about Boulder Falls! I am going to have to come back up there, like immediately.


Seriously, I am so in love with Colorado, it makes my heart hurt to be back in Houston.

Reb said...

That does it Katie, I am coming to visit...mark your calender!

Reb said...

BTW, I love my stick figure. thank you for including a treky symbol in my body. It's freakin' hilarious!

kam said...

this was so stinkin' fun! i loved the stick figure too. striking resemblance to the original model. truly. well done indeed. ;) This is a great blog. i loved being here and will come back fo sho! ;)