Monday, June 29, 2009


Yesterday at church I went into Sunday school class alone. I saw a new young couple I didn't really recognize and decided to plop myself down next to them and chat it up for a few seconds before class began.

The wife was an adorable girl, perfectly curled blond hair, big beautiful smile, adorable yellow skirt and I was immediately drawn in. Her husband seemed nice in a straight-out-of-jcrew catalog kind of way. I asked them a few questions and their responses made me laugh. I found out they were currently in Colorado selling something for the summer and would return to their home in Provo for the beginning of fall semester. It was a nice casual meeting of strangers.

Happens a million times a minute all over the world.

That is until I set my bible down on the chair between myself and the blond beauty. My bible has my full maiden name stamped on the front.

Two seconds later this stunning girl looked at me with a smile from ear to ear and asked, "Do you have a sister named Maggie?"

Stunned, shocked and filled with joy I responded, "Yes! I do! She's the best! Do you know her from Provo?"

Smiling she responded, "No, I know her from Spokane. I grew up there. Our parents are very good friends! I knew that you looked familiar, and I knew that Maggie had an older sister named Katie."

Then we marveled over the smallness of the world. I went to high school with her older sister. She'd heard all about me and my sister growing up.

I was floored.

And for a split second I saw myself as this girl saw me. When I left home for college she was probably 10 years old. I was someone who she'd heard about and sort of knew. And now we were sitting there as peers a world away.

I hope that she saw in me the person I am trying to be. Someone kind and open. Someone friendly and welcoming. Someone who she'll remember next time she's calling home and say, "my, that Katie sure has become such a nice and awesome person. She made me feel like a million bucks."

And then maybe her mom will tell my mom.

And hopefully that will make my mom smile.


allimarie said...

There's not a doubt in my mind that if that hasn't already happened, that it will. :o)

cropstar said...

simply awesome.

Kathy said...

Who was it?

dad said...

you are a million bucks worth to me. it made me smile