Tuesday, August 21, 2007

As was heard in our car this weekend:

KT: Hey, those shoes are looking a little worn out, it might be time to find you a new pair of white shoes.

EarD: Yeah, they are looking a little bad.

KT: It's too bad we didn't buy two pairs of those shoes when we found them.

(Aside: They really are cool because they were off-white to start with instead of rip-you-eyes-out-of-the-socket blinding white)

EarD: My feet do weird things to shoes.

KT: Huh.

EarD: They do.

KT: Yeah, I guess they kind of get really flat.

EarD: My feet are really wide so they end up spreading out.

KT: My grandpa's feet do that to his shoes because he had bunions.

EarD: Bunions seem really painful.

KT: I know. I'm a little worried about getting them when I'm older.

EarD: Don't worry, I'll rub your bunions when we're old.

(Pause for a moment while I get a little overwhelmed by how much I love this guy)

KT: Really?

EarD: Sure.

(A minute of silence goes by)

EarD: How do you spell Bunion? B-U-N-Y-U-N?

KT: Like Funyons?

EarD: I love Funyuns. I ate them all the time in middle school. Lets get some.

KT: Gross.

The End


The UnMighty said...

Not only are Funyuns a fantastic treat but they also represent a great attempt at wordplay mixing "Fun" and "Onions". I'm still reeling from when I found that out.
Note: Your link to "Split end Cafe" says her husband and son have mohawks. It's actually "Pasty is Pretty" who has the mohawked family, and the pictures are found at "theunmighty.com"

Katie said...

Oh...I the picture I saw on her website was her baby and husband.

My bad.

Katie said...

I thought I saw this picture. Isn't this her husband and baby?