Friday, August 03, 2007

Ear Doctor Q&A

Guess what, I write about the ear doctor an awful lot. (understatement of the century)

Those of who have been reading for a while probably wonder what he is really like. You probably stay up at night pondering things about his him. You've probably said to yourself, "if I could only meet the ear doctor I'm sure we would be instant friends." You've probably become so intrigued by him that you can hardly stand it.

Well, lucky for you Jef suggested that we do a Q&A with the ear doctor! Just leave a question for the ear doctor in the comments to this post and he will answer.

His answers will make all of your dreams come true, so you should probably do it.


Anonymous said...

Katie has already wrote about the disproportionate amount of fruit you eat. What has surprised you about being married to Katie so far?

At what point did you decide you really wanted to marry Katie?

You are an incredible romantic. What is your favorite romantic thing to do for Katie and what does she do for you?


Anth said...

Aside from your wedding & honeymoon, what has been your most amazing adventure so far?

How do you feel about minivans?

What are your three top pet peeves?

poodle said...

What is your bachelor's degree in, and how did you decide to study audiology?

What's your favorite thing to do, besides hang out with Katie?

Do you read a lot?

Lisa said...

Why'd it take you so dang long to propose?

Anonymous said...

As an ear doctor, do you feel like you are an exceptional listener?

Creole Wisdom said...

LOL! I think it's great. I found your blog through Jordan's and love it : )


Maggie said...

You know how when it's hot and humid you feel like you sweat more? Does the same thing happen with ear wax production? By that I mean are there conditions that make you produce more wax, not necessairly do you produce more wax when it's hot. (Although I guess heat could be a conidition that makes you produce more wax.)