Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So I've sort of been dragging my feet through the wallpaper trend. I just can't see myself ever wanting to go to all the trouble to put it up only to want to rip it down in 3 years. However, I've found a piece that I would REALLY like to buy.

Check it out.

Instead of actually putting the paper up in my rental, I think it would look cool to get a piece and hang it in our bedroom over our bed like this:

The only thing is I'm not sure how to do this and not have it look ghetto. Any ideas?


trs said...

check out
they have tons of ideas and have addressed this.
if you can't find what you're looking for, log in and post a question. Tons of people will help.
(Since I'm in Denver, I post on the Chicago page)

Caution: It will become your new addiction. I'm sorry.

My thought is... go to Michael's and get a blank canvas in the size you want over the bed... then wall paper the canvas. (I have NO idea if that will actually work!)

You might also consider cutting a piece to serve as a faux headboard for your bed.

or if you just want it to have the quality of art... World Market has nice big poster frames for about $30. Get a piece of your wallpaper and frame it... viola!

Erik and Amy said...

Welp, looks like my suggestion was taken - get a blank canvas and stretch it over that. I think that would look stellar.

Michael said...

I think the canvas idea is good- but you could also frame it which I think could look pretty nice but would likely be a bit expensive.

I was going to suggest framing it (hadn't thought of a canvas) or a headboard. I think the headboard or faux headboard could be a bit more challenging but would be rather cool.

KEH said...

Love the drawing of the bed. Who gets the bigger pillow? I had an idea or two but I find it completely impossible to explain in Times New Roman Text...coupled with my literary handicapitation. But it involves an aluminum bar the length of the top or a precious wood bar of some sort.

Calie Anderson, C.I.D. said...

I'd paste it to ply wood and attach crown molding to the edges. This would give it an architecural element and make it feel like it isn't just a framed print.

grandma jane said...

The idea of pasting the wallpaper directly to styro foam and wrapping the wallpaper around the edges should work super.