Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back to my roots

Every Monday night the ear doctor and I try to plan a small activity to do together after work instead of collapsing onto the couch and watching TV.

Last night it was my turn to plan.

I decided that I would show him how to re-pot plants into larger pots. My little herb starters that I got in July have really started to outgrow their pots.

The first step was to go to Home Depot. I love going to Home Depot with him. We walk around for a couple of hours just thinking about all the cool projects we can do. He spent 20 minutes picking out his favorite riding lawn mower...a John Deere of course (keep in mind we have no yard) and I wandered around the garden center.

The second step was to come home and set everything out on our patio. In order to set the mood I popped in my favorite bluegrass CD.

After soaking the new terra cotta pots in water (a must for all pots) we transplanted the little herbs into their new homes.

With the quite happy picking of a banjo in the background I felt such a sense of secure joy. I felt so centered to be out with my babe in the cool blue light of dusk, hands covered in fresh fragrant dirt.


Courtney said...

I got warm fuzzies just picturing this! :)

cropstar5 said...

call me ignorant but why do you have to soak the pots?

Kim said...

Everything's better with a little banjo picking in the background, don't you think?

Katie said...

YOu always soak a terra cotta pot because the material is really really porous and will leech all of the water out of your dirt really fast. There will be no water for your plants.