Thursday, August 16, 2007

Life long goals

After getting married the ear doctor and I switched churches. The one we were going to before was geared toward single, college aged people. We both decided that it was time to grow up a little a join a congregation with families and older people.

Last night we had an appointment with our new bishop (that's what we call the pastor/preacher/leader of our congregation). He wanted to meet both of us and get to know a little more about us. I thought that was pretty nice.

Anyway, he asked the ear doctor what he likes to do in his spare time.

The ear doctor paused, looked off into space in his characteristic, "I'm really thinking hard" face and then said:

"I really want to become a grill master"

I just bust up laughing. The bishop just kind of laughed in surprise at the comment from left field. It was a pretty classic moment.

The thing about him is that he doesn't really have that far to go.

Last night he made us dinner. (BTW, doesn't dinner just seem so much more awesome when you aren't the one who made it?!?) Anyway, he decided to make beer can chicken in his new grill.

It was awesome. Juicy, perfect meat just dripping from the bone. Absolutely amazing.

Then only thing is we now have 5 cans of Bud in our fridge and not a clue what to do with them. Is it weird to come into work and offer your co-workers your leftover alcohol?


Anonymous said...

Wait, so you're allowed to use alcohol when you cook? learn something new everyday, I guess! :)


Anonymous said...

ACK! I just reread that. "Allowed" was a very poor choice of words on my part, and made me sound all... well, not the way I meant to sound! I'm sorry! Please don't take that in any negative, anti-religion sort of way because that's not how I meant it.

I was just surprised to hear that is all! time I'll try proof reading.


k said...

i love beer can chicken! just gave me a great idea for the bbq we are throwing at my house next week!

Katie said...


Good question about having alcohol in cooking and the tenets of my religion.

Using alcohol in cooking is a gray area. Some people do, some don't.

I use it in pan saute-ing and roasting stuff where I'm sure the alcohol cooks off. Sometimes there is just no subsititue. You can't deglaze a pan without it.

I don't eat it when it is used in desserts like tiramisu or any other kind of alcohol soaked cake where the alcohol hasn't had a chance to cook away.

Don't worry about the "allow" thing. It's no biggie.