Thursday, August 09, 2007

My lasting shame

In the fourth grade I got out of a spelling bee on the word "robin" as in the little cute bird with a red belly. I spelled it R-O-B-B-I-N. I figured it would have two B's like ribbon, a word I was very good at spelling.


Since that day I've never been sure of how to spell robin correctly.

There are a bunch of words like this that are seemingly easy words to spell but I cannot for the life feel confident in their spelling. Here is a list of my nemesis words:

and many more...

It's so bad that I actually reword phrases just so that I avoid using these words. In fact, I just reworded the preceding sentence so that I could avoid using the word sentence. UGH!

Is there anyone else afflicted with my malady?


Maggie said...

Once in the 4th grade, I mixed up which word had two r's and to this day I always have to think twice before spelling sorry and very. It's particularly hard when I'm very sorry.

trs said...

Yes. I have the same problem.
I think especially is one of them. Convenience is another.

Funny, I don't know them until I encounter them!

Anonymous said...

Hee! "Separate" always gets me. I swear, when I was in grade school I had a teacher who told us that you spelled it "sepErate" when it was an adjective and "sepArate" when it was a verb (you separate two things, and then they're seperate). Now, I have to think about it EVERY time I write or type it. Ugh.

Who knew that ONE bad teacher could mess up an entire lifetime of spelling? ;)


Anth said...

I have a hard time with ingredient. I always want to spell it ingrediant.

Kirsten said...

i can't spell:


trs said...

hee hee. What a messed up teacher!
I still remember the story one teacher told us to remember to spell it correctly.
It's stupid, but I always spell it right!

There was a girl walking her dog named Sep. They had to cut through an alley, and the girl saw a rodent scurry across their path. That's when she screamed, "Sep. A rat! eeeeeeee"

my life is brilliant said...

I totally have that problem. I misspelled (that's one right there -- eek! I totally cheated to make sure I spelled it right, and I did. Yay!) "havoc" in my fourth grade spelling bee. I added a k at the end. I will remember how to spell that word for the rest of my life.

What's really sad, though, is that I've decided I have early-onset Alzheimer's or something. I completely forget the simplest of words, and I can't even spell anymore when I used to be awesome at it. Example: A few weeks ago, i completely forgot the word "draft." What's ridiculous about that is that I'm an editor. Drafts are a very important part of my job. How could I forget that?!

We should totally start a (not lying, I'm totally forgetting the word right now) support group. I'm not even 24 yet. Shouldn't this not happen until I'm 74?!

Anonymous said...

I'm a pretty good speller but, when typing, I sometimes type certain words wrong. The letters just "come out the fingertips" in the wrong order. One example is "Flordia," which is strange because I LIVE and work in the Sunshine State.