Thursday, August 09, 2007

A new goal

I've been living in my new apartment with the ear doctor for a month now, and there are STILL boxes stacked up to the ceiling in my bedroom!!! That is UNACCEPTABLE! Seriously, why am I such a lazy bum.

It's actually getting so distracting that it is bothering me while I am in my cubical at work...that's pretty bad.

So, my new goal is this:

While the ear doctor is feverishly studying for the second part of this comps exam tomorrow I am going to go whirling dervish on that stack.

It must be defeated. It will not take over my thoughts and invade my solitude for one more day. It will not best me at my own devices.

I will be master of my own domain!!!

Plus the majority of the boxes are stacked in a corner that is just begging to be filled with this chair:

1 comment:

trs said...

Ooh. I just saw that chair this morning at Macy's furniture store!! So cute. The matching couch is cute too.

Good luck. I'm trying to organize my pad too.... and I've lived here for 4 years! ARGH!