Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I love live music

Last night the ear doctor and I went to a really awesome show. My old fiddling teacher just moved back to Colorado from Paris and put on a concert. First of all, she is an amazing musician. It is really rare to hear someone who can play the jazz violin. Jazz is all about laying back on the beat and for some reason it's just hard for violins to do that.

Not for her.

As we sat in the corner of the dark coffee shop and took in the amazing tunes created by 5 very talented musicians I once again was amazed. I'm always so shocked that there are SO many people who are truly talented in this world who never end up as famous musicians.

It kind of makes me annoyed that people who have no talent and get so much attention.


Last night they played an amazing rendition of a song I'd never heard before. It is called Goodbye Pork Pie Hat. The way they played it last night, it is one of the saddest, most beautiful songs I've ever heard. I found some versions of it on youtube, but they really sucked in comparison to the arrangement that my old teacher, Katie Glassman, wrote and performed.

I love music that can make me really feel.


Anonymous said...

You are a violinist TOO?! (Or are you a fiddler?) At any rate, I knew I liked your blog. :) I agree--it can be tough to inject some swing on such an instrument. If you like jazzy, smoky violin, check out Regina Carter's recordings. Some of her stuff is a bit avant-garde, some of it is heart-breakingly gorgeous, and there's a pinch of sexy in there, too. Listening to her music makes a little hidden piece of me wake up and stir. You can find some of her albums on iTunes; I got my first one at a little indy record shop. Enjoy!
--Another Katie in Denver

p.s. Does your teacher still teach? I'm trying to find one I gel with here in the Denver area, but no luck so far.

Katie said...

I'm not sure if she's going to teach again. If she does I might be looking to start lessons that I don't have any roommates to bother.

Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Last I heard, Katie Glassman is in the Denver/Boulder area. Her website is