Thursday, August 16, 2007

Be still my beating heart

Surely, I will never do anything good enough to warrant a gift like this desk set from Elum Stationary.

Yet I still yearn for it.

(This set actaully made me gasp in awe this morning!)


Maggie said...

When and where exactly do you find these things? They are really beautiful and I love them too. Do you shop online each morning? You always manage to find the most beautiful, classy stuff.

Kelly said...

I was wondering the same thing!!

Courtney said...

So beautiful!

trs said...


The gift for one's first Wedding Anniversary is PAPER!

Surely you know how to drop a hint that the ED will pick up on.

My friend sent me a thank you note on the most beautiful stationary embossed with her married name. When I asked her about it, she said it was a gift from her husband on their first anniversary... paper!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful set! I followed the link and was dissapointed to see that it was no longer available.

Katie said...


The ear doctor and I are saving up to buy our wedding album for each other for our 1 year anniversary (~$1500). We thought that would be a perfect "paper" gift.

katie elaine said...

that picture made my heart stop briefly. it always surprises me how much i love beautiful paper.