Friday, September 21, 2007

Office Reno

I was reading over at Design*Sponge today and she had a really rad post about an ad company that let their employees re-do their offices to help with creativity.
This blew my mind and got me really excited.

I have a creative job, so why shouldn't I have a creative space? I should.

My current layout is like this:
Surrounded on all sides by built in desk space that I don't use, and don't need. The walls are three shades of gray, and the whole thing is a little.....utilitarian.
This is what I would do, if I could:

1. Rip out all the built in furniture. It is nast.

2. Get a rad desk and face it to the opening of my cube. This criss-cross Crate and Barrel number is pretty awesome. Get some cool little yellow accents for the desk...maybe this cute tiny Kate Spade clock?

3. For storage, pick up this cook black, boxy IKEA book case. I could store my text books and pictures very well and get some cool boxes to store my files.

4. Add a small round working table and guest chair so that there is a different, designated space for when people come to collaborate with me. This eames-esque tulip table from DWR would make me SOOOO happy.

5. Make one entire corner from floor to the top of my cube covered in white board. I really like to draw while I design. It helps me explain it to other people. Plus, I think all that white will look cool.

6. Set the white table and white boards off by a cool, brightly colored rug in the work table corner like this one from FLOR.

7. Cover what isn't covered by the white boards of the bottom and left walls in some cool wall paper. I found a perfect picture of this yesterday, but didn't save it...ughhh. It was a framed peice of yellow wall paper with very organic looking white trees all over it. Very pretty.

8. Do something pretty plain to the other two walls....maybe just a nice creamy white color and hang a picture or two? I'd have to see how it looks with all the graphic-ness of the wall paper. Maybe I could do some kind of padded wall thing like Rose and Radish did a while back. That way I could lean back and take a little rest when I eyes get tired of a computer screen. Sounds good, no?

So yeah, that's what I'd love to do with this space.

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