Wednesday, September 12, 2007


One of the strangest gifts we got for our wedding, or so I thought, was a book written by financial guru Dave Ramsey called The Total Money Makeover.

When I tore open the pretty floral wrapping paper, I was really surprised that someone got us a book about finances. I'm not really into finances and neither is the ear doctor. We do OK for where we are in life and we thought we had things pretty much under control in this arena.

Well, instead of just throwing the book up on the shelf to let it collect dust, I decided to start reading. Boy, am I glad I did! This book has totally realigned our thought process about money, budgeting and finances. In the book he promises that, barring any truly horrible luck at the beginning of life, if you stick to his principles in the book you can be a millionaire in a decade. He stresses that if you give up things for a short time and have a little perspective about your life-time, anyone can really succeed in the money game.

I am so excited about the promises made in this book and I am so grateful to the thoughtful couple who got us this book for us as a wedding gift! I'm so glad we're jumping on the Zero-debt bandwagon so early in our marriage.

Next time I see the Steinblicks (the givers of the book) I'm giving them a bone-crushing hug and a big wet sloppy kiss on the cheek. That's just how grateful I am to these people.

Do yourself a favor...get on a budget and read this book. It worked for us!


Anth said...

Dave Ramsey is totally famous among the Christian homemaker bloggers. They are always gabbing on about how great he is. Maybe I'll look into him, since you're recommending him. We are already pretty zero-debt, but I would like tips on how to consistently spend (a lot) less than we make.

Maggie said...

The thing that I like is that his philosophies can be adapted to any income.

Katie said...


He only gives you a rough outline of percentages to spend in each area of life and it's up to you to figure out how to make it work.

I thought the book was really easy to read and understand. That is really good for me, because while I can do engineering really well, investing is pretty much a foreign language to me.

trs said...

I know nada about investing... but I do love living on a budget.
Weird huh? Actually, it's kind of competition with myself... if I can stick to my budget I'm SO proud.

Problem is... since I moved to Denver 5 years ago... and everything changed - Income, rent/mortgage, etc - I never bothered to create a new budget and blew the original one out.

I used 'Every Single Cent' by Larry Burkett, who also offers a Christian based budget.

Maybe I'll read your guy so I can be a half millionaire (I'm too old to make it happen now!)