Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tuesdays with ed

Tuesdays are my favorite nights of the week.

I love Tuesdays because that is the night that the ear doctor puts his grilling skillz to the test and, man-o-man, do I love the homework! Last night he made us delicious steaks with his first ever BBQ sauce from scratch and the most delicious chorizo and mushroom quesadillas with cilantro and jack cheese. YUMMMM. I'd never thought of grilling quesadillas before, but it was the PERFECT cooking method. The tortillas came out perfect and crispy, you'd never get them that way in a pan! Anyway, I love turning on some music (last night was Alison Kraus and Union Station live) and talking to the ear doctor while he cooks.

All of this grilling has made me realize another difference between the ear doctor and myself.

For his birthday a couple of weeks ago my parents got him a brand new grilling cook book. When he opened the package the look on his face belonged to a 7 year old receiving his first electric train set. It was great. He's been reading it pretty much non-stop since he got it.

Two days ago I found the book opened up and sitting on the counter in the bathroom. It took me a minute to realize that the ear doctor was using the new grilling book to "occupy" his time whilst using the facilities! I laughed out loud.

My big realization was this: men and women think of bathroom time very differently (I, isn't it?).

I don't think there has been a single instance in my life where I entered the bathroom thinking "I'm going to be in there a while so I might as well bring some reading material along with me." Maybe it's the boy scout in them always wanting to be prepared, but I've just never seen the need for some extracurricular activities.

Girls, do you bring reading material with you? Have you ever found yourself sitting around in there thinking, "man, this is taking a long time, if only I'd brought that Amy Tan novel I've been reading?"


trs said...

I bring a magazine occasionally. As you get older, you'll understand why.

My boyfriend brings his bible along for his Morning Constitutional! He says he wishes it wasn't in the bathroom... but it's a good chunk of time and it ensures that he gets it read!
Don't EVER tell him I told you this... in the off chance we ever meet!

ashlynn said...

No books for me ... I actually design areas for books & magazines for people in the toilet room ... funny stuff.

BBQ sounds tasty!

Kim said...

No reading material for me, thanks. But last night's dinner sure sounds dreamy. It must be nice to have a husband who cooks dinner and appreciates AKUS.

Katie said...

Yup. He rules.

Miss Hass said...

Yeah, I'm a reader.... I have a shelf in there with space for whatever book I'm reading and magazines. That's probably weird.

Anth said...

I have a Sudoku book on the back of both of the toilets, each with a pen. You never know when you will be there longer than expected.

Kelly said...

I always bring something if I know it will be awhile - it's usually the paper. I have three kids - I have to muli-task!

cady said...

my husband is a bathroom reader. the men in my family have always been like that. my grandpa used to play his gameboy there. haha.

Anonymous said...

I'm a girl and read in the bathroom, on the toilet. I really do.