Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Great Christmas Gift #12

Confession time: I love wearing layers. I don't really trust the temperature anywhere I go. The ear doctor can attest. If I'm too hot I feel sick and get really grouchy. If I'm too cold I stop talking and shiver all day.

Solution? Having lots and lots of layering tees. Up to this point in my life I've always had about 20 different white/black/solid colored tank tops that I wear under...well...pretty much everything. Lately, the tank top hasn't really been cutting it. The straps sometimes slip down and get really annoying.

And, while these aren't the most "exciting" gifts in the world, you can never have too many basics, right?

I ordered a basic cap sleeve shirt in black from Shade Clothing to wear with my Halloween costume this year and fell head-over-heals in love with their products. Seriously, the best basics on the planet earth.

I'm sure anyone would be excited to own this cute turtleneck with buttons on up the side in black (size Large for me...they tend to run kind of tight). Bonus, this is on sale right now!

Also, to add to my single black capped sleeved shirt, I'd love to get a white, light gray and celery colored basic capped sleeved shirt, all size Large.

I cannot say how much I love these basics! Thanks, Shade Clothing for making basics that are PERFECT!


Just Curious said...

Don't the Mormon Undies show under those cap sleeves?

Lindsay said...

Those cap sleeved shirts look nice and long too. Are they? I am always on the lookout for shirts that won't inadvertently show people things they don't want to see. heehee. And being 5'10ish, this is a continual challenge.

So please tell me my eyes are not deceiving me, and these are long shirts that are also pretty!!


Anonymous said...

Most of the time you can get away with wearing the Mormon undies under these, especially if you wear the cap-sleeved garments.

I noticed that Shade had a display at the Costco in Spokane right before Thanksgiving--this was the 2nd year in a row.

These shirts are great for those who are 5'7" and taller--many of tall friends buy them because they are longer and their tummies don't show when wearing them. However, for those of us who are vertically challenged even the smalls tend to hit about mid-hip--not at all flattering.

Anth said...

I do not even have words to describe how I love Shade Clothing. If you have a long torso, it is an answer to your prayers.

Anth said...

You can also check out Down East Basics, a ghetto but fun version of Shade, or Modbe, which is very similar to Shade in price and quality. The only difference is Modbe runs big while Shade runs small. Both sites just started branching out into dresses and skirts.

TRS said...

I could use lessons on layering.

After 5 years in Colorado (Denver) - I still can't get used to the constant temp changes throughout the day. And I think Boulder is even worse... it gets mighty chilly by 5:30pm in August when the sun dips behind the mountains!!

One thing I miss about Nebraska... it's either hot all day or cold all day. No guessing. Get dressed and you're dressed for all day.

Anyway, I have a hard time figuring out how to layer and still look cute... instead of the Denver uniform of t-shirt, REI-mid-level-something-unflattering , then fleece.

I now have a variety of pashminas... the boyfriend laughs when I head out for dinner and grab a pashmina in July. Hey... if the restaurant is airconditioned... I'm tempted to bring one pashmina for myself and another for my food!!

TRS said...

Hey... off topic.
Whatever happened with your wedding picture prints?

did they finally turn out right?

Diana said...

Shades rock! I wish they had a store in CO. I shopped their store a few weeks ago while visiting my family in Utah.

Katie said...

In response to just curious:

these are the perfect solultion for us Latter-day Saint (Mormon) gals. They were designed by an LDS company in Utah.

In response to Lindsay:

you will never find a better solution for us tall women. Buy them. You won't be sorry.

lindsay said...

It's funny, I never in a million years would have thought to look for clothing from an LDS company (being decidedly not Mormon). But once you said it, it actually makes perfect sense - with the emphasis on modesty and all, of COURSE they'd make pretty long shirts for me! :)

So thanks for the tip!!