Monday, December 03, 2007

Well, jeez

The other day I got the best compliment on my blog. The best EVER. I cannot say how much I loved getting this compliment. Even if someone gave me a Pulitzer prize for what they thought was a creative turn of phrase on my little corner of the world wide web, I would not mean 1/10 of what this compliment mean to me. Even if I started getting the crazy style following of Dooce or Wonkette or any of the other well-read blogs, it would never compare to this.

In an email from my mom:

I was talking with Grandpa this morning and he was chuckling about your blog. He told me that he reads your blog all the time. He thinks you should be a journalist or a writer. He loves you and thinks the world of you. In his eyes you can do anything.

Nice, huh? I wish everyone in the world could get this kind of love and support from their families.


Josh and Betsie said...

I agree with your grandpa. I really enjoy looking at your blog. I gave ryan everson your blog address and she wrote back and said you should write a book. Hope you have a great christmas

Katie said...

Ryan Everson the pretty cheerleader from high school? She was so cool! I really liked her.

Derrick said...

Aw man! I thought you were going to say that the best compliment was when I stopped by your cube the other day while you were mid-blog and said something to the effect of "Sweet! I can't wait to read today's entry! Your blog is better than world peace!" I don't know that those were my exact words... or if any of those words were spoken... but it was something like that. Anyway, rock on, keep bloggin'.

Josh and Betsie said...

That would be the ryan everson. Short blond hair. She is so nice! Keep up the blogging it makes my day!