Friday, December 07, 2007

Lets get serious

This is a really important topic to me. So crucial to me, in fact, that I can't believe I haven't broached the subject before in this forum. It is a topic that touches me every single day of my life. I cannot turn it away. I cannot ignore it's significance.

My hair dryer.

In the last year I've bought 3 of them. And all three have broken. I can't even begin to explain to what levels of frustration this has brought me. I'm at the end of my rapidly fraying rope.

Maybe it's because my hair is exceptionally thick and a bit unruly wavy, but they always burn up. Probably its because I've always bought the $25 device at my nearest and dearest Target?

Whatever the source, this frustration has cost me at least $75 in cold hard cash.

Like the day I realized that GAP jeans just aren't going to cut it for me, I'm pretty sure the day has come that I invest in the Citizens-level of hair dryer. Back then it seemed crazy to pay $100 for a pair of jeans that actually fit but now it's perfectly logical. That gives me hope that the $140 price tag on this Sedu dryer will, in time, not seem like something only an INSANE person would spend.

Should I save up my pennies and get it? Anyone have a hair dryer that they love and is under $100?


erinannie said...

hello. friendly neighborhood blog lurker (but a very nice and non-creepy one) here. i have really thick long blond hair that must be blown out every day or i look like the little firestarter girl from the early 80's.
and i used to go through about 2-3 blowdryers a year as well. and then i discovered the CHI hair dryer. i bought a knock off at a sally beauty supply store. i've had it about 6 months now and it has never overheated, and it still works perfectly.
it was completely worth it!

Miss Hass said...

I also started buying hair implements--dryers, curling irons, brushes--at Sally Beauty Supply. I have been incredibly happy since I made the change. Like you mentioned, there are certain things you shouldn't skimp on. And I definitely think hair dryers are in that category.

ashlynn said...

I agree - go with the nice dryer! I finally switched last year & not only have I had no problems, but the cord is longer, my hair drys faster (ionic) & my dryer is purple! I got the babyliss hair dryer & have loved it. Ebay always has deals on stuff like that too.

katezmom said...

I think that when you amortize the cost over daily use, you get a bargain when you purchase quality.
You know the family rule- anything under a dollar a use is well worth the investment. I owe someone for my hairdryer.

Lindsay said...

I bought this CHI, which I love love LOVED. It was quiet, fast, had a long cord, never overheated or smelled like burnt hair, I could go on and on.

HOWEVER, I travel a lot. It got shoved in a suitcase (and thrown around by an airline) at least a few times a month. And far too quickly (after about 4 months) the little gray rubbery things you can see in the picture got pushed into the dryer. No work-y after that.

So sad.

But I totally still want to buy another one. That's how much I loved it.

So buy a nice dryer, but be smarter than I was, and keep a cheap-o one to throw in suitcases. ;)


Olivia said...

Chi and Sedu make great products and are usually available on eBay for less than their crazy retail prices... Salon quality hair products really are a million times better for your hair and worth the investment, though it does HURT to buy them.... I love my fancy CHI straightener.

Far From Perfect said...

I am also a slave to my hair.It controls everything. I love days that I don't have to BLOW DRY & iron. Luckly, the days I do wash I stop by my little salon and the owner will smooth down the frizz. I love him. I am giving him a really nice gift this holiday. I do own a it. You live in Colo. Try living in NE with the humidity. Love your posts...

sarah cool said...

No. I also have thick thick hair and I burn through at LEAST one hairdryer per year. I hate hate hate hate it!!!!!

Okay, sorry, tantrum over.

ErinAnnie.... I might just go check out a Chi hairdryer!

I'm just afraid to buy an expensive one, because I don't think I can handle it if I drop $100 and it burns out in 8 months, too.

So basically, this was a completely unhelpful comment, but I wanted to express my solidarity.

TRS said...

I know the initial sticker shock is hard to swallow... but your mom is right - cost per use would be the same or cheaper. (if you count gas and time running to the store for a new one)

My dryers don't seem to burn out... but since I have thick hair I know how it is in that not just any hair dryer will do.
I pack a travel dryer even though the hotels now offer one in the room.
But please.
Those hotel dryers don't even equate to a stiff breeze!
It is to laugh.

pinksundrops said...

I found your link from Allison's, and distinctly remember being here before... something is familar :) !

Any who, this post spurred an internet research project on my end on high end hairdryers where I found a bunch of reviews on the Sedu . Totally got me into thinking I need one of these! Yes. Need.

Erin said...

I have a Helen-of-Troy dryer that I got at Sally. It was about $50
I had a HoT all throughout my teenage years and it was amazing! After going through my third or fourth target special, I purchased another HoT. So far I LOVE it.

Elle said...

I have the T3 from Sephora, so I'm not much of a help...

Elle said...

I will say though, that I have used both CHI and Sedu hair straighteners and the CHI wins in my book hands down, so I would lean more toward a chi product than a sedu. But, I doubt you can go wrong with either.

As for expensive things, I think for the most part, you get what you pay for. That's why I finally broke down and bought a $100+ hairdryer.

k said...

I don't blow dry my hair so I can't help there. but I totally get the whole GAP vs Citizens thing. painful for the pocket book though. Hopefully you find the perfect blowdryer though!

The Barkers said...

Well, as the resident hairdresser, I will tell you that I did spend a pretty penny on my hair dryer, but I have not bought a new one in almost 5 years. It is a TGR XXP and I LOVE it!!! It weighs only 10oz and has a 14' cord. Check it. It's the bomb.

Courtney said...

I remember the day I discovered I could no longer wear Gap jeans... it was all down hill from there.

If you buy this hair dryer and I like PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I go through hair dryers like it's my job!

Anonymous said...

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