Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Our House....Christmas Style

So, I've finally got our photos together. The first one is an aerial view taken by me standing on top of the island in the middle of our kitchen.

Our tree:

A close up of our tree showing some special ornaments:

From the upper left-hand corner around clockwise:

1) My mom gave use these ornaments. The bride had blond hair and I colored it red with a sharpie. Cool.

2) This is the really cute one that the ear doctor got me this year. It's the back of a bride and groom sitting in a car. Our names and the year are marked on the spare tire.

3) This is a tube of play-dough in the shape of a candy cane. Not an ornament. The ear doctor added this one to the tree without me knowing.

4) This is the cute reindeer our friends got us last year.

5) This is a race car with snoopy in it. Again, not an ornament, just something random added to our tree by one, ear doctor.

Looking the other direction, into the kitchen you can see my snowflake cutting handiwork:

Last but not least, on our kitchen table is a beautiful poinsettia that the Ear Doctor got me:


Jethro said...

You probably didn't move his computer because it is a mac and it can only add to the decor!

Greeneyes said...

Love your snowflake decor--did you use monofilament to hang them? How did you secure them?

p.s. I have the twin to the runner on your entertainment center. Isn't it fun to bring that out of mothballs come Christmas time?!

Katie said...

I cut the snowflakes and sewed them together on my sewingmachine with red thread. Next time I'll use white thread or clear line.

I hot glued the strings to the underside of the island. I'm pretty proud of how they turned out.

katezmom said...

I'm such a slacker. I only made 6 snowflakes this year. I have them displayed on the coffee table (very pretty against the wood). Yesterday I found one on the floor. What? Then I realized that I had left the bowl of pitachios on the table and my little four legged friend, who BTW has never gotten on the table, has developed a love for expensive nuts! I found the shells on the rug underneith the table. She is obviously watching dad very closely, as he hides the shells instead of throwing them in the garbage.

Greeneyes said...

Wow, you are a craft goddess. Martha would be proud! I bow in homage to your skills. (Or is that skillz?) One more question: what are your snowflakes made of--felt?

Katie said...

Nope, they're just made from white computer paper. Usually I iron them flat after I'm done cutting them, but I lost steam this time.

Far From Perfect said...

Everything looks so the snow flakes. I want like to try that sometime...Good project for Bird. Happy Holidays

amber said...

Love the snowflakes hanging from the island!

Courtney said...

Wow! The snowflakes and Gingerbread house? AMAZING! I love them! Will you come decorate my house next year?

Merry Christmas!!!

k said...

merry christmas katie!