Thursday, December 13, 2007

Steppin out with my baby

Yesterday worked d.r.a.g.g.e.d on at a snails pace. Every three minutes I found my eyes drifting to the lower right hand corner of my monitor, willing time to speed up. Unfortunately, it's been my experience that the more you want this to happen the more the opposite effect occurs. Yesterday was no exception.

Finally, the ticking digital display counted off the appropriate moment and I threw my belongings in my bag and took off.

After arriving home I critically examined my wardrobe to select the right outfit for the evenings festivities. My favorite black dress seemed to call to me, as it always does. However, the frequency of wears is starting to show and I want it to last me until my dying day. My cute red skirt with floral cutouts seemed promising, but seemed a bit obvious. A little "look, it's my Christmas celebration outfit"-esque. I finally chose to wear the skirt I bought years ago for Genius's wedding. Beautiful, green, lace and pearls. How could I go wrong.

I impatiently waited for the ear doctor to get home from work.

When he did he swept me right off my feet and down to Denver to fulfill a childhood wish and dream.

As the lights dimmed the orchestra music swelled. The oh, so familiar notes enveloped me. I was transported one of the million afternoons spent watching my favorite Christmas movie with my little sister at my side. For a moment I missed her with all my heart.

Throughout the show I sat on the edge of my seat, eyes the size of two shiny silver dollars. I hummed along with the songs that I know by heart. I became the 7 year old version of myself wishing I could tap dance and wear a huge red satin dress lined with white rabbit fur. I looked over at my wonderful husband and realized that he is one of the blessings that I can count if I'm ever having trouble falling asleep (you know, instead of sheep)

As the show ended the performers bowed and snow began to fall onto the audience from the top of the theater. I almost cried with pure, unadulterated, childlike happiness.

So, if you have a chance to go see White Christmas on stage, I highly recommend you do it.


the wifey said...

oh, wow! i absolutely love that movie. that's awesome that you got to see it live! i'm going to have to see if it is playing anywhere near us... so glad you had a great time!

Greeneyes said...

Attending this is high on my wishlist! So glad you got to go, and that you have a good review--I've been wondering if it could top cozying up to watch Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye on my grandma's couch at home.

Josh and Betsie said...

You really could be a writer. The way you describe things is great. Once again I love reading your blog.

Jessica said...

I always tear up at the end when they open the stage to show the snow. I can't imagine how I would react sitting in the audience.