Monday, January 21, 2008

Biggest Frustration

There are only a few things in my life that frustrate me as much as a bad recipe. I usually get really excited about what I'm planning on cooking, so when it ends up tasting bad it REALLY ticks me off.

Especially if I know that I made dish exactly as I was told.

Especially if said recipe is from my freakin Bon Appetit!

Yesterday I made this Banana Cream Pie with Whole Grain Chocolate Crust.

See how delicious it looks? Drool-worthy! After making the glorious custard filling and the caramelized bananas I took one bite of the whole pie and wanted to gag. The crust was so gross I couldn't even eat it. I linked to the recipe, but I wouldn't try it if I were you.

After that total failure I was really terrified to try making these whole grain pancakes with blueberry syrup from the front cover this morning. I mean, I wouldn't want them to turn out like crap because today is our 7 month wedding anniversary. I planned to surprise the ear doctor with a delicious breakfast in bed.

Good news, these were glorious. So good, in fact, that the ear doctor suggested that I open a bed and breakfast and make them everyday for my guests. Although, come to think of it, I did forget to add the wheat germ..

For our little family night tonight I think we are going to bake these little treats to give away to some friends:

I'm pretty sure they'll be great and totally redeem my confidence in my baking skillz. Also, that's the cutest cake stand I've seen in a long time. I wonder where it's from?


sarah cool said...

best oreo/whoopie pie recipe EVER:

OMG. Incredible. I almost feel like I have to apologize to people when I make these cookies or pass along the recipe....

Maggie said...

Yeah, whole wheat pie crust sounds like the worst idea ever. What type of fat did they use because they could have also been the problem. Happy seven-month-iversary! I love you both!

Laurie and Corey Kunz said...

Do I know you? Thanks for thinking my little boy is cute, but how did you find my blog?

Katie said...


Butter in the crust. I thought that would be good. Also, there are groundup chocolate chips, which have some fat, right?

Jessica said...

Did you use the wild blueberries for your syrup, or just regular ol' frozen blueberries? Cause I've got some in the freezer, and I'm just wondering if it will make much of a difference.

Katie said...

I used frozen, and they were great!

chronicler said...

The problem with the whole grain pie crust thing is that there is just too much protein in the flour. It makes for horrible crusts! The whoopie pies look mmmmm good! How did they turn out?

Alicia said...

I made the Smores cookies from that same spread in Bon Appetit & they were pretty bad as well. I think that there are some recipes out there that just taste and work better with regular ol' white flour. Glad to hear that the entire article wasn't a complete flop - I'll have to try out the pancakes someday.