Thursday, January 10, 2008


This morning I realized that I can't remember where I used to do my homework in high school. My bedroom? The kitchen table? The office? I can't be sure. I can't put my finger on it and that makes me sad.

....Maybe I didn't do my homework?..... Highly unlikely.

How on earth could I forget something that I did almost every day for 4 years? It terrifies me that if I can forget something so habitual, routine and omnipresent how on earth will I remember the simple moments I'm living right now?

I'm in the "honeymoon" period of my marriage. The time I am supposed to be the happiest of my life. The time when life should be one big rosy dream.

And, not to be too over dramatic, but it really, truly is for me.

And I don't ever want to forget the small things that happen everyday between my new wonderful husband and myself.

And I'm not really sure how to keep the memory.

And that is frustrating.

I don't want to forget the pride I felt last night as he informed me that he has been accepted to present his research at the American Academy of Audiology in April. I don't want to lose the excitement I felt to make him dinner (Migas...Mexican scrambled eggs....So good). I don't want to dismiss the support I felt as he helped me wash and put away all the dishes. I don't want to bid farewell to the love I felt as we knelt together by the side of our bed and offered up a prayer of gratitude. I don't want to overlook his kindness as he tucked me into bed.


Anth said...

Two things: 1) your blog will really help with being able to remember things. Mine has certainly helped me!

2) Those wonderful things about being married - they don't end! You will still feel those wonderful fuzzy feelings of love in 6 years (that's all the experience I have). You will still get mushy when he helps you out, or tells you about his day, or when you make a delicious meal for him. Being married is so awesome.

For me, the biggest change since the honeymoon period is the need to constantly be touching in some way fades. Ha ha

chloe elizabeth said...

And that's why you write things down. I'm a big fan of journaling...whether it's through a blog, or in a notebook.

Greeneyes said...

Funny...I was just thinking this morning how sad it is that I have many memory blanks, as well. I second Anth's comment above about your blog, though. And you've made previous comments about how you journal. Those things, combined with the traditions you two are building now, plus your family photo albums and other physical reminders, will serve to jog your mind.

p.s. Happy honeymoon phase. I'm only at 2 years of marriage, and though there have been little bumps, it still feels as great as day 1.

Maggie said...

I think Anth is right when she says she just doesn't need to have constant physical contact. Also it stinks that Dan has mostly already heard all my stories.

DAD said...

I am enjoying my second honeymoon.

Aunt Sue said...

Hi it's Aunt Sue. After five years with your Uncle Martin, I can say that you don't forget the little things you just keep adding to them. For some reason your mind can expand to keep all those wonderful thoughts in your memory.
love ya,Me