Thursday, January 03, 2008

My mag

I am a faithful subscriber to Bon Appetit magazine. I love this indulgence. I know a lot of people love Domino, Real Simple and MS living/wedding, but for me, nothing tops the monthly BA.

However, when I got my 2008 issues I was a little startled. They've pretty much totally revamped the magazine! You can tell from the front covers. Observe:

Old Cover (well, really this is the cover of the cookbook...I couldn't find an old cover online. the font was the same):

New Cover:

Why would you choose that new font? I don't like it at all! Maybe they should have stolen the rad Blueprint font since they aren't going to be using it anymore (sad....)

The insides are different too. My favorite section, Fast Easy Fresh, used to be at the back in a very easy to locate spot. Now it's just mixed in with the rest of the articles. Boo.

On the other hand, I've really found the articles more interesting in the last issues. Also, they've added a cool section that teaches cooking techniques.

Humpgh.....Perhaps I can learn to live with the changes....

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chloe elizabeth said...

That's how I felt about the new Williams-Sonoma catalog...and I still don't love it!