Monday, January 07, 2008

Our quest for Juno

Last Wednesday night we thought we'd try to go see Juno. We figured there would be no need to arrive early since the movie had been out for weeks and it was a random Wednesday night. As we approached the ticket office I had a wary sense of impending doom. The place was crawling with tweens decked out for a night away from parents (read miniskirts and Abercrombie galore).

We got up to the window and the annoyed teenager taking tickets informed us that there were only 15 tickets left and we'd be watching the movie from the front row. No thanks.

Friday night we again attempted to catch the movie. We arrived 15 mins early and were surprised to see the show totally SOLD OUT! I don't think I've seen a movie sell out in Colorado ever (besides opening night). Ridiculous. We weren't too bummed to come home and play our Wii.

Saturday was an epic day of shopping. The ear doctor wanted my help spending his Christmas money and dragged me all over town from game store to game store looking for guitar hero III. (no luck)

We finally bought tickets for the 3:05 showing. We had a whole hour before the show, and the Nordstrom men's half-yearly was on so we decided to spend our down time looking for new work clothes for the ear doctor.

We showed back up at the theater right at 3 and made our way to the theater. I was getting really excited about FINALLY being able to see the show. We rounded the dark corner and saw that the place was P-A-C-K-E-D to the brim! We wouldn't even have been able to sit together!

Defeated again, we left and switched our tickets to the 5:30 showing. After puttering around for a while we returned to the theater 45 minutes early, sat on the gross carpet and waited for our turn to go in, got perfect seats and laughed incessantly at the movie.

All in all, it was a pretty great movie. But worth 4 attempts to see it? Hard to say.


amber said...

It was well worth the wait, though, don't you think?

Erik and Amy said...

The only movie that I tried to go to that was sold out here in Colorado was Work and the Glory - I guess we should have known better than to go on Monday night - FHE. Still, Work and the Glory sold out? Was every LDS person in Colorado there? I still can't get over that.